Your Social Media Marketing Plan

There are certain social media platforms you absolutely must have accounts for: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the three most important ones out there. Once you’ve created an account for each of these, refer to these articles for the Top Ten Must-Dos.


Keeping an active presence on Facebook and Twitter takes some work, but it is well worth it. Twitter is all about constant and immediate interaction. Facebook is great for announcing and promoting events such as book signings and conferences you’re attending. Both platforms give you the opportunity to network with other authors and publishing professionals, connect with your readers are a more personal and individual level, and stay in the know about relevant industry news. You can have fun on these platforms, sharing pictures, favorite quotes, funny memories, and really anything you want. Make yourself accessible to your audience. Stay friendly and personable and you’ll find it’s easy to sneak in those tidbits to promote your book without yelling BUY MY BOOK in anyone’s face. You don’t want to shove those marketing ploys down anyone’s throat.

On Pinterest, you’ll want to show off any and all images you have of your books. Pin the covers and if you have pictures in your book, pin those as well. You can also create boards for your other interests too. Again, your social media presence is a way for your readers to really connect with you and feel like they know you. Lead them into your life by showing them you’re just like them. You also like to pin recipes for gooey chocolate brownies and big juicy burgers, house decorating ideas, and fun arts and crafts projects.

Here are more articles about how to use these social media platforms, so please read up! And if you still have questions, you know who to ask J