Using Facebook to Market Your Book

Social media, especially Facebook, is particularly valuable when it comes to marketing. There are many different ways to use it to market yourself as an author and increase recognition for your book(s).

Facebook is big on interest-based groups that you can join. Do a search for anything author or book related and see what kind of topics come up. Some groups are “open” where you can immediately join and start posting, and some are “closed” and will require an administrator to accept your request to join. Most of these groups do have rules about the kind of content you can post, so be sure to read them carefully so you aren’t kicked out. These communities are the perfect place to start making connections and networking with other authors, book lovers, and publishing industry professionals.

Another great way to use Facebook is to create events. You can announce any and all of your upcoming events and send it to all of your friends/followers or just a select group – it’s up to you! By creating an event, you are giving people all the details in one location that they can easily refer back to at any given time. This is must better than having to scroll through all of the posts on your wall looking for the one thread. You’ll also be able to post messages in the event itself for those invited to see. Events can be private or public, and you can allow your guests to invite their friends too if you choose.

Posting on Facebook is strategic and there are a few things you should understand. Sometimes it seems complicated, but there is a method to the madness. In order to ensure that your posts have the most reach possible, you have to get people to Like, Share, and Comment on them. This means making sure you are posting good-quality, interesting information that is relevant to you and your book and things you audience wants to see and read. When a person Likes, Shares or Comments on one of your posts, it’s a sign to Facebook that he or she wants to continue seeing more content from you. Ask questions to spark conversations in comments, post videos and pictures that will intrigue your followers and make them want to share the content on their own wall, and always respond to other peoples’ comments and posts on your wall. Social media is all about interaction!


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