Use Twitter To Make An Impact

Twitter is an excellent way to reach like-minded authors, publishers, editors, and book fanatics from all over the world. There are many ways to make an impact using this particular social media platform – specifically if you utilize it’s most valuable asset: real-time response. Twitter is most definitely like a live feed or information coming in and going out all day, every day, at all hours. To really take advantage of what Twitter has to offer, you need to be present. This means scrolling through your feed on a regular basis scanning through the post of those people you follow, favoriting and retweeting posts that you find interesting or think your own followers would like, and replying to tweets as much as possible. This is where the conversations start, and hopefully last, for quite a while. This is how you form relationships on social media. This is social networking at its finest. And to think, it’s all over the Internet?

By engaging in active communication with others on Twitter, you are putting your name out there and exposing yourself to a myriad of different Twitter communities. By “@”-ing someone, your post will then show up on their feed. One (or more) of their followers may see it, like what you have to say, and in turn go and follow you. It all happens within mere seconds too, which is beauty of Twitter.

Twitter allows us to send a quick message out and receive a response almost instantly. This is easy to monitor with  smart phone apps sending notifications directly to you. There are a lot of other tips I could give you for using Twitter. In fact, we have them all compiled into a series of articles on our website. You should definitely gives these a read!

Happy Tweeting!