Top 10 Must Dos for Authors on Twitter

Authors, we want to help you master the Twitosphere. You may be thinking that Twitter is out of your league — too complicated, too time consuming, and too many words you don’t understand. Twitter lingo is fun to learn, and if you follow some of these easy tips, you’ll be a Tweeting your heart out in no time! If used correctly, Twitter can connect you to tons of authors and publishing professionals who can offer advice, support, and entertaining and informative details about the industry. It’s also an amazing platform for you to reach your target audience and promote your book.

Here are tips for making the most out of your Twitter account:

1. Upload profile picture and a header. This is a background image that will show up behind your profile picture. People respond to visual stimulation, so choose a nice picture of yourself and use your book cover as your header.

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2. Complete the Bio section very strategically. You can only include one website, so make sure you include the most practical one such as your author website. Also, you only have 160 characters available to describe yourself so choose your words wisely.

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3. Connect to your Facebook account. This will ensure that anything you post on Twitter also posts directly to your Facebook account. Since these are two most popular social media platforms, it’s a good idea to keep an active presence on both.

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4. Control your e-mail notifications. You can choose to receive notifications whenever someone mentions you in a tweet, replies to or retweets your tweets, or someone new follows you. This makes it easier for you to engage with your followers in a timely matter. Every tweet deserves some kind of recognition, whether you reply, retweet, or favorite their tweet. Show your followers that you care about what they are saying. By following you on Twitter, they are supporting you. You need to return that same courtesy; even a simple “Thank You!” is acceptable. It’s all part of Social Media Etiquette.

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5. Sign up to receive updates from Twitter including news about products and Twitter updates, tips and advice, and suggestions on new people to follow. You can choose to receive daily or weekly newsletters including the top tweets and stories in your network, as well as regular updates on user activity and recommendations based on your own activity.

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6. Check the “Notifications” tab regularly. This shows you, in order, whenever another Twitter use has interacted with you. This is another way to stay actively engaged with your followers.

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7. Check the “Discover” tab to see what’s currently being talked about. Twitter will tailor this list specifically for you based on your activity. This is a good place to find new people to follow and see interesting tweets about your area of interest.

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8. Use the “Find Friends” option under “Discover” to search through your own contact lists to find friends who may already be in Twitter. You can also send an invitation via e-mail to invite friends to sign up for an account.

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9. Also under the “Discover” tab is “Who to Follow.” Twitter will suggest specific accounts based on the people you already follow, so you are bound to find like-minded people such as other authors, book lovers, and publishing professionals. You can choose topics you are interested in such as Music, Sports, Photography, Books, Entertainment, etc in the “Popular Accounts” tab. Search through the groups to see who Twitter suggests as the best in these topics to follow.

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10. Follow us on Twitter! Stay up to date on everything we’ve got going on: book fairs, new releases, author tips and advice, fun facts, and of course connect with other authors and publishing industry professionals.

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