Top 10 Must Dos for Authors on Facebook

Authors, we want to help you increase your social media activity, especially on Facebook. You may be thinking that Facebook is out of your league — too complicated and too time consuming. In reality, Facebook is one of the largest networks for you to connect with other authors and publishing professionals who can offer advice, support, and entertaining and informative details about the industry. It’s also an amazing platform for you to use to promote your book and reach your audience.

Here are tips for making the most out of your Facebook account:

1. Upload a profile picture and a cover image, which will be shown at the top of your Facebook page, behind your profile picture. People are drawn to visuals, so choose your pictures wisely. Use your book cover as the background cover image.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.18.06 PM

2. Add a photo album full of your book covers. If you only have one book out, start there. If you have several, upload images of each of them. You can create more photo albums for other visuals you’d like to share too. People are drawn to visuals more than plain text, so add photo and video wherever you can.

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3. Make sure your “About” section is complete with as much information as you feel is appropriate. Your contact information is the most important section. You can include your e-mail address, author website, blog, Amazon page, and other social media accounts. There are other interest sections such as sports, music, movies, TV shows, books, etc. that allow you to “Like” various things in each of those categories. Every little detail you include on your Facebook profile allows your audience to get to know you and connect with you on a more personal level.

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4.  Adjust your privacy settings. You can manage who sees the posts you share, who can contact you, who sees the information you share in your About section, and most importantly, what shows up from your Facebook profile in search engines. Privacy settings are important because sometimes there are personal things we do not want to share with your entire friend list, but instead just a select few. As an author, you may want to keep certain posts private to share with close friends and family and other times you may have exciting news you want the whole world to know. There are Timeline and Tagging settings that you may want to look into, as well.

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5. Check your Notification settings to make sure you are receiving alerts for the things you want to stay updated on. You can opt to receive e-mails when there is any Facebook activity that directly involves you, like someone tagging you in a photo or comments on one of your posts. You can also choose who you get notifications about, and how you want to receive those notifications — whether by e-mail or just on Facebook itself.

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6. Create a Page for your book, using its title for the page name. This is the ultimate way of giving life to your work and will really help raise awareness. You’ll be able to invite your current Facebook friends to like your new page.

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7. Create events to invite your friends and followers to join. Events can include anything you are participating in or even an announcement of your latest book launch.

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8. When you are stuck on what to post about, check what’s Trending. A list of popular topics can be found off to the right of your homepage. These are some of the most-talked about things on Facebook at that specific moment.

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9. Click on the “Find Friends” tab to search for new people to follow. Facebook will give you a list of “People you may know” based on some of your other connections. There is also an option to add contacts from your e-mail accounts, invite friends to join Facebook, or search for people from different parts of your life, i.e. your hometown, your alma mater, friends of friends, etc. Find people, pages, and groups to follow through Facebook’s top suggestions. Based on the information you provide as well as the other groups and people you follow, Facebook will give you a personalized list of pages it finds suitable for you.

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10. Connect with our company Facebook pages! Stay up to date on everything we’ve got going on: book fairs, new releases, author tips and advice, fun facts, and of course connect with other authors and publishing industry professionals.


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