sherrillscannon2I Love It!

“My website looks great. It’s easy to use. Thank you!”
– Sherrill S. Cannon

peterglassman2The Best…

“I have have written 8 books. It’s great to have them all on one effective website.”
– Peter Glassman


“My book website is so pretty. It really entices people to order a book.”
– Joy Bloumis

gwynroberts2Beautiful Video

“The video book trailer for my book was so good it made me want to go and buy a copy.”
– Gwyn Roberts

David-Arnold2Sell Millions…

“That’s a really good job. Well done. The book should sell in its millions if they look at the trailer.”
– David Arnold

Nev-Ollis2Gratitude and Amazement

“Let me extend my gratitude, and amazement, at your very comprehensive report. I did not expect so detailed and insightful reply.”
- Nev Ollis

Promote to be Successful

“As a reporter, I am not used to praising a business because all too often I investigated their corrupt activities as a newsman. But, the first idea I thought of after reading six pages of your analysis was to go right onto the Internet and without hesitation, praise your amazing work!”
- Dennie Williams

Thank you!

“It is truly beautiful. I would want to buy the book if I had viewed that video. Thank you very much.”
– Sam Davis

Widest Exposure

“I am impressed with the comprehensive evaluation. I would like to work with you to give the books the widest exposure and distribution needed to make them successful.”
- Humphrey AK Parah


Author Marketing Ideas helps the self-published and small print author maximize their marketing outreach to increase sales. AMI works with publishers as well as thousands of authors from all around the world. AMI is committed to helping authors succeed. AMI offers a no obligation and free review service called the “Digital Footprint Evaluation” to provide a focused strategy to anyone wanting to improve their online marketing efforts.

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