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CyberWeek Sale – 25% Off ALL AMI Services!

Let Our Holiday Gift to You Make Your Book Someone’s Holiday Gift to Buy! Just in time for the holiday shopping season, our CyberWeek Sale gives you 25% [...]

Not sure how to get someone to share your content? Listen up!

You have an author website, a Facebook, a blog, an Amazon page, and lots of press releases to show off to the world; but how do you get people to share all of [...]

Is Your Blog Worth Reading?

By now, you already know you can write. You've succeeded in self-publishing your book and have developed an audience, but to keep your audience, you must [...]

Think You’re Just an Author? Think again…

Embracing the title of “author” is not easy. There are many other tasks that go along with the job; one of the biggest of them is promoting your own work. [...]