Book Marketing

Using Facebook to Market Your Book

Social media, especially Facebook, is particularly valuable when it comes to marketing. There are many different ways to use it to market yourself as an author [...]

5 Easy and Effective Marketing Strategies for the Self-Published Author

This is one of the most common questions we get, especially from authors that are self-published and feel totally at a loss.  You’re a writer; what can you [...]

Your Social Media Marketing Plan

There are certain social media platforms you absolutely must have accounts for: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the three most important ones out there. [...]

Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Blogging is not just about writing down your thoughts and talking about your experiences — it's an easy and interactive way to really connect with others who [...]

Book Marketing: Does date of publication affect promotion?

It's a fair and an interesting question and it is true that some reviewers will only consider a new or recently published book. But for the most part I don't [...]

Book Marketing: What’s the best way to market for free?

It is indeed a problem many face.  Marketing is an expenditure of either money or time, or a combo of both, and there is really no way around that.  You need [...]

Book Marketing: What genres are easiest to promote?

That is an interesting question. It leads me to ask ‘what are the most popular genres’ as those books would probably be the easiest to market by virtue of [...]

Book Marketing: How much marketing do traditional mainstream publishers do for their authors?

We are not sure how much marketing traditional publishers do for their authors these days as there are so few of them left.  As you know, the traditional [...]

Book Marketing: How important is cover design?

That is a great question.  And while the old saying goes “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” in truth we all do, don’t we? Images are powerful [...]

Book Marketing: Why should I do an eBook?

EBooks are on the rise right now, and you definitely want to make sure you are part of this growing trend! Having an eBook allows you to offer your audience a [...]