Book Marketing

Use Twitter To Make An Impact

Twitter is an excellent way to reach like-minded authors, publishers, editors, and book fanatics from all over the world. There are many ways to make an impact [...]

Book Marketing: How can one estimate the ROI of various book marketing tactics?

There is no easy answer to this question, nor simple equation.  Marketing is an investment and that investment can be one of time (spent marketing on your [...]

Book Marketing: How does a book become a best seller?

That’s a great question and one almost impossible to answer.  It’s like diagramming a snowflake.  You’ll figure out all the angles on the first one you [...]

Book Marketing: Why should I do a Multi-Format eBook (MFE) instead of a Kindle?

Quite simply, because the Kindle is only available at the Kindle store and only for devices using the Kindle app.  A Multi-format ebook, on the other hand, [...]

Book Marketing: What is the single best marketing tool?

Let me step back first, and say that the single most important element of marketing is exposure, in my opinion, so the best marketing technique is whatever [...]

Learn From the Internet’s 35 Most Influential Writers

Sometimes the best way to learn is the simplest…like watching how the experts do it.  They are experts, after all.  See how the internet’s most [...]

Book Marketing: How do I get someone to click my links on Twitter?

Since Twitter is so fast-paced and very much a “live-stream,” sometimes your posts can get lost in a sea of Tweets. The key is to provide your followers [...]

Top 20 Marketing Essentials

Marketing your book requires time and effort, but it is doable. While it is always best to try to do things on your own, sometimes we prefer to have the [...]

Advice From An Award-Winning Author: Sherrill S. Cannon on Winning Contests and Awards

  Winning contests and awards is a fun and rewarding way to amp up publicity for your book and enjoy the book sales that come along with it! Take advice [...]

Book Marketing: How do I stay focused when sales are low?

Believe in yourself and your writing and be happy and proud of your accomplishment thus far:  you are a writer with a published book and people are reading [...]