Sample Online Digital Footprint Evaluation

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for requesting a Digital Footprint Evaluation from Author Marketing Ideas. The results of our research into your specifics are shown below.  We have included suggestions we believe will improve your marketing plan and boost sales. If we have made any errors in our assumptions based on our research or incomplete data please let us know.

Our Research & Comments Into Your Online Digital Footprint:

In general, we find that there are 4 main areas for you to concentrate upon. 1) Your Website, 2) Social Media, 3) Amazon, and 4) Your publisher and distribution.

Author Website:

Overall comments

An author or book website is a 24/7, 365 days a year storefront about you and your work, and it’s accessible from anywhere in the world.  We are pleased to see that you have the standard SBPRA author website and a personal website devoted to your books.  Good!  Your books are front and center on your personal site and the buy links are clearly marked.

Author Blog:

Last Blog Update


Comments from others?

Other Site:

None found.  A blog is a good communication tool and lets your audience get to know you and your work. A blog is also helpful for SEO (search engine optimization) as you can easily blog using your keywords. Do consider adding a blog page to your website.
Domain Name(s): We normally suggest a domain name for yourself as an author if you have, or plan, multiple books. Good!


Website Mobile/Smartphone Readiness:


SBPRA author sites are designed to be mobile friendly and we tested your personal site and it appears to come through fine on mobile devices.  Good!
Author Interview:


None found: Having an interview about you, whether text, audio/radio, or video is a great way to be ‘more personal’ with your audience.


Press Releases:

May 2012

March 2013

December 2013


The most recent press release for your latest book was in December 2013.  Good!  We normally recommend one press release per quarter.

Contests & Awards:

April 2012 – NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Winner at the 2012 New York Book Festival

Great Southeast Book Festival 2013

International Book Awards 2011

Winning a contest or earning an award is a great way to get noticed.  Congratulations on your awards!  Do continue to enter as many contests and festivals as possible.

Multi-media on Site:

YouTube or Video

Audio or Radio


Not found. We find that having some kind of media adds “sparkle” to your online presence.  Also, as writers, we think that everyone reads.  Let’s not forget that huge portions of the population like video and audio.


Social Media:


Twitter Not Found. Twitter is one of the ‘too big to ignore’ social media platforms.. so we suggest you play with it and learn it.

Book Page

Author Page


We found  your personal profile and your author Facebook page.  Good Work!  An author facebook page is a great way to make sure your books get the attention they deserve.  And all of those likes increases your search engine ranking.

Linked In  We found your LinkedIn profile.  Glad to see you here. LI is a big community as well, and quite vibrant with authors helping authors.  Try to connect with other authors, and join some of the writers’ groups for advice and support.
Pinterest We did not find a personal Pinterest profile for you, but we wanted you to know that others are pinning your book covers.  Have a look:

See how lovely your book covers appear here? The rise of Pinterest and Instagram is amazing. I read that Instagram is adding 45 million pictures a day.  If you would like us to post your book cover for you on Pinterest at no charge, just let us know.


Glad to see you here. Goodreads is a wonderful author community.  Try to connect with other writers here and ask for reviews for your books.




Not found. Not many authors have G+, but with Google controlling search results, this is an easy one to create and build links with. We predict it to grow in importance.
Amazon Reviews: Congratulations!  You have 2 5-star reviews already on Amazon for The Tiny Tomato and His Terrific Manners.  There are also several reviews posted for you other books on Amazon and all look positive. As we may have mentioned, Reviews on Amazon are a prime determinant of your success there.
Amazon Author Page:
Book Reviews (Other than Amazon):






None Found for The Tiny Tomato, but we did find two for other books:


Book reviews are perhaps the most important sales element that buyers rely on.  Recently we read that about 100 reviews is the ‘magic number’ for top Amazon sales.

Publisher & Distribution:








Date Published November 2013
Format(s) Published Paperback, Nook.
International Distribution: None found. Have you thought about foreign rights sales or distributing your books in countries where the number of books like yours is less than found in the West? That’s right, if there are 1000 books like yours in the West, there might only be 10 for sale in emerging nations like China, India, and the rest of world.


We noticed the Nook format was available for The Tiny Tomato, but there seems to be no other digital edition, which means you are missing out on Apple, Kindle and ePub and PDF distributors around the world.   This is also the future as you are probably aware.
Other Books / Series:


We found several books listed in your Amazon author page and on your home websites.  This is great! Authors with more than one book tend to have more sales than single book authors.



You are obviously a talented writer devoted to her children and passionate about the stories they inspire.  We believe your books will touch the hearts of both parents and children. Your task is to make sure your books are presented to as many people as possible so that they reach potential readers and translates into sales. Your strategy so far seems to be working well, but let’s see what we can do to really step it up and make you a world-renowned children’s author.


Recommendation #1: Add some Multi-Media to your Marketing Mix

We aren’t finding a video book trailer (VBT) for any of your work. A VBT is a visual ‘coming attraction’ for your book. Radio is another way to expand your presence.

Do you watch videos online? Even if you don’t, your buyers do.  in addition to being posted on YouTube and other media sites, the video trailer can be embedded on your website, FB page, Amazon sales page and, of course, shared via Twitter and other social media. When people browsing online see a video they stop and click on it. Research shows sites with video get more hits and have longer viewing times. A VBT can even be embedded in your press release, so it is a very multi-use promotion which makes it, to me, one of your best marketing investments.

Have you ever done any radio? Radio interviews are a great way to create content that is about you and your book.  The 30 minute interview time slots allow for a full discussion with the on-air host, and authors can effectively pitch themselves and their work to an audience of hundreds, if not thousands.  The interviews are broadcast live and also archived so the link can be posted on your sites and distributed via social media.  Like the VBT, this is a versatile marketing tool and that is the sort I favor – it is a piece you can use again and again in combination with others.

Recommendation #2: Get More Reviews!

It doesn’t appear that you have any reviews for The Tiny Tomato and His Terrific Manners.  We know you may be working on getting reviews, and we can help with that, too.  A good review can do wonders to sell copies, and without them, many independent bookstores, libraries and schools won’t order your book. Admittedly they are hard to acquire but we can recommend several options:

E-Newsletter – we are utilizing a service to send out a monthly email newsletter featuring new releases to a database of over 20,000 contacts including reviewers, libraries and schools. Your listing will feature your book cover, a 100-word description we will craft for you to ensure maximum attention, genre, publication and contact information.

Targeted Outreach to Book Bloggers — Online blogs reviewing books are having a growing influence on book buyers and are another way to go.  We can research and compile a list of reviewers based on your subject matter/genre and target them directly by sending a personalized pitch, along with your existing Press Release, to them. Conventional print reviewers can also be included. Target your book to your target audience!

READ THIS! The Book Review Show – Last but not least, check out AMI’s own web-based talk show devoted to book reviews, author interviews and remote segments from book expos around the world. Our on air hosts deliver comprehensive reviews directed at your target audience.  It is a popular option, because not everyone can make it onto The Today Show!

Recommendation #3:  Press Releases Give You More Legitimacy

It’s been some time since your last press release.  Consider having a new release done on your as an author that would cover your body of work.  It’s time for that recognition.

Press Releases are a great way to raise awareness of your book and broadcast its message– both to media that might do a story or interview, as well as to an online community of potential readers. We have an exclusive arrangement with PRWeb and offer special rates on distribution to their tens of thousands of media subscribers; we can target based on criteria such as genre/subject matter, geographic area, etc. to get your release into the right inboxes. We also strongly recommend that you have one press release per quarter, i.e. four per year. We find that is the right frequency for authors to give consistent exposure. Of course there are different types of releases as well and this is something we can discuss to figure out what is best for you and your book .

We consider the first three “Recommendations” to be essential to enhance your success and suggest you start there.  Any other recommendations are “good to have” and can be added at any time.

Recommendation #4: Go Global!

Children’s books are appealing across several cultures.  Did you know that readers in emerging countries like China and India are looking for books just like yours?  There are a number of very rapidly growing channels internationally that are looking for more English language books.  To get into these channels, you need to look at services like Ingram Spark , or let our publishing partner help you.

Recommendation #5: Do Consider an Ebook Format!

The popularity of ebooks is growing.  With only a paperback format, you may missing out on potential sales from Apple, Kindle and ePub distributors around the world.  We’d be happy to help if you are interested in pursuing this option.


I know this is a lot to digest.  As promised, this is a free evaluation and given with no obligation, all we ask is that you keep us informed of your success and any good results that come about from these ideas.

Clearly our business is helping authors so we hope that you will consider letting us help you with any or all of the areas that you wish to improve upon.

We can’t wait to hear from you. And please let me know what you liked and didn’t like in our evaluation.