Register for Google Alerts: A GREAT AUTHOR TOOL!

Registering for Google Alerts will keep you up to date on all the latest news and information available through the Google search engine. Google Alerts are e-mail updates on all of the most recent and relevant results based entirely on the things you want to know about.

To begin, visit the Google Alerts web page. There you will see this very simple screen.

google alerts













“Search Query” is simply anything you’d like to receive updates on. Since you are working hard to promote your book, one good example for you might be “book marketing trends.” You choose the kind of results you want to see: news, blogs, video, discussions, books, or simply choose “everything.” You decide how often you want to receive these alerts and if you’d prefer only the best results or all of them. You can change your terms at any time, so if the search query gives you too many or too few results, you can adjust it easily. Here are the Google Alert terms for our CEO who monitors industry trends. Some author examples are given below as well.

google alerts2



















There are endless possibilities on the categories of alerts you can receive. If you are a children’s book author, you can inquire about “children’s books” or “how to market a children’s book.” A fiction author can search for tags describing their genre such as “romance novels” or “thrillers.” Non-fiction writers can use Google Alerts to monitor developing stories about the topics you focus on.

You can also use Google Alerts as a way to know when there are book fairs coming to your town or other local events where you can promote your book, learn more about the book publishing industry, or simply find other authors or readers to connect with. This is a quick and easy way to stay in the loop on anything you want to know about.

google alerts book fairs























Get started now. Click here and create your first alert! They are a bit addictive, so have fun!

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