• They will create a custom database of contacts based on your needs, on your work, on you area
  • They will personally contact the contacts and pitch you and your work
  • They will send any relevant materials.
  • They will follow up by phone

Please note that before we can get national and international media interested in you and your book, we generally have to start at a local level. If you have not had any publicity at a local level yet, that is where we begin.

The publicist will research your area and arrange appearances for you. This could mean calling bookstores, libraries, and schools and attempting to arrange public engagements, while notifying your local newspaper and radio station that you will be appearing at these events and the purpose and nature of your appearance. This could also involve calling your local newspaper and/or radio station and attempting to set up an interview with you. We are unable to guarantee that your local media will cover you, or that your local events and venues will allow you to participate. We will do our utmost to try to make that happen.

The publicist can also assist with any other goals related to the marketing of your book.

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