Learn From the Internet’s 35 Most Influential Writers

Sometimes the best way to learn is the simplest…like watching how the experts do it.  They are experts, after all.  See how the internet’s most influential writers keep their followers engaged and interested.  If you are a writer looking to build your readership, see how this group uses social media and other online tools to reach out and connect.   Jason Diamond, who put this list together for Flavorwire says:

“These aren’t the writers who have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers but only tweet when they have a book come out, or the ones who write a guest blog post every year to get their names back into the conversation.

Some are young authors, others are firmly established. Some of them are publishing industry veterans or new media superstars who want to use their clout (or Klout) to talk up writers they love, while others command small armies via their Tumblrs. Some start hashtag trends, while others have scored book deals with their clever tweets.

Whatever it is they do on the Internet, these 35 people do it better than anybody else in the book world, and that’s why they help steer literary conversations and tastes.”

Flavorwire has put together a list of the Top 35 most influential writers on the Internet. We highly recommend making a point to study up on these prominent people in the wonderful world of writing.

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