How Authors Can Get A Celebrity (or Influencer) Endorsement Using Social Media

Let me share with you how a simple Tweet got me noticed by one of the most well-known chefs in America…

As a food blogger, one of the most exciting things is meeting a big time chef or restaurateur, especially that inspires you. During a trip to New Orleans, I made a point to visit a restaurant owned by a chef whom I admire: Emeril Lagasse, the true pioneer of cooking on TV! I took to Twitter to tell the world I was visiting The Big Easy, and as soon as I stepped into Emeril’s, I tweeted directly to him announcing my arrival. I tweeted again later on about what I ate, and again about how amazing everything was. Then I went to sleep and thought nothing of it…except maybe dreaming about the banana cream pie and wishing I had snuck another slice home with me. I woke up the next morning only to find that Emeril had Favorited and Retweeted my tweets! Ever since then, every so often Emeril continues to retweet something I post (of course food related), which shows me that I am on his team’s radar and gives me the confidence to reach out to them when the time is right. It all started with one tiny tweet…

You can use social media platforms to get yourself on the radar of the celebrities, too.

Studies show that celebrities prefer Twitter so you might want to learn how to use Twitter. “Twitter-Follow” the celebrities you are pursuing. Follow their Twitter feed, constantly favoriting and reweeting their content. Reply to tweets that call for a response, and “@” them when needed. Don’t go overboard and tweet 50 times a day; instead, strategically craft your content to ensure that it is intriguing, exciting, and relevant to their craft. Use hash-tags and tweet about current trends; this will make your tweets appear more often in search results and increase your presence on Twitter.

Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram are other social media you can use to build relationships with celebrities online. Your task is simple: do your very best to get yourself noticed. You don’t want to be seen as someone sending nonsense spam; you want them to regard you in high esteem, as a fan or brand advocate, and someone who is worth connecting with.

Engage with them on an individual basis enough and eventually you’ll grab their attention. After seeing your user name appear over and over again in their various social media feeds, they will become curious and may even do a Google search to find out more about you. This is why you need to make sure all of your information on the web is up to date, appropriate, and links back to your main author or book website. There should be plenty of results that come up when they search your name.

Once you’ve made the connections and established an initial relationship, you may want to take the next step and send a personal message. This is your “One Free Pass” to get your idea across. If your main goal is to make it onto a prime time talk show to interview with a famous host about your recent book launch, this should come across very clearly in your pitch. Highlight the engagement you’ve had with them via Twitter to show you have a pre-existing relationship and support their actions.

What’s the takeaway from all of this? Making yourself stand out. That is the key. Celebrities are approached by hundreds of people every single day. Why are you any different than the others? Give them a reason to become interested in you, make them want to ask you questions, and of course, get them to “@” you!

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Twitter Glossary

Tweet: A message posted on Twitter.












Favorite: When you see a tweet you like, you can click the star located underneath and it will appear on your follower’s feed, announcing to them that you have favorited this specific post.

Retweet: Also seen as “RT.” This means to basically repeat someone else’s tweet onto your own twitter account so your followers can see it. This can be also used in a reply when you want the original message to be seen.

Retweet and favorite










Trends: Certain topics that appear over and over again in different tweets will become “trending topics” and appear on a list on the side of your Twitter homepage.




















Hashtag: These are highly used words or phrases that use the “#” symbol at the beginning of the tag. This allows users to easily find a specific topic.