Google + Webinar

[responsive]amiheader[/responsive] [two_third] Leverage Google+ to powerfully market your book.

google+Google + is one of the newest and most exciting social networking sites out there today. It differs from other traditional social media sites in that it is more of a “social layer” than a solitary website platform – enhancing and being supported by a number of Google’s other online properties, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, etc.

Some facts and stats about Google +

  • Google + is the second-largest social networking site in the world
  • It boasts almost 350 million active users
  • Over half a billion people have registered for Google + since its inception 2 years ago
  • Most experts agree it is the biggest, most comprehensive rival to Facebook in terms of total features and potential

You will learn:

  • What the “Stream” is, and how you can use it to maintain your relationships and expand your book’s fan base
  • What the “Circles” are, and how to utilize them in categorizing your contacts, monitoring your “Stream,” and discovering new content to share with your followers
  • The marketing and publicity power of “Hangouts” – group video chats that can be hosted on a computer or on the go with a smartphone
  • Other important features, like “Sparks” (an advanced search engine tailored to your specific content), the “What’s Hot Stream” (a means of building hype and cueing in on trends), “Ripples” (a tool for tracking the impact and outreach of yours posts), and many others!
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