Book Marketing: Why should I do an eBook?

EBooks are on the rise right now, and you definitely want to make sure you are part of this growing trend! Having an eBook allows you to offer your audience a new way of reading your book. Nowadays it seems just about everyone owns a tablet or some kind of eReader and prefer to read on these devices.

If you create a digital version of your book with us, it will upload directly to the Kindle store and the ePub directly to the B&N Nook store, Apple iStore, Kobo, and our distribution warehouse, where it goes out to over 60 online outlets around the world. Between the two file types and all the outlets, we make your MFE available to almost every e-reader on the market. We also make all our e-books available to our foreign rights deals we make with restricted countries like China, Taiwan, and Russia. (However, please note that these international outlets do reserve the right to choose or reject titles or genres we submit to them. Unfortunately, we have no control over their process for accepting them.

We have also added more outlets for distribution and stay on top of the game when it comes to the latest in formatting so your title will look great on any eReaders. We continuously add new foreign-rights partners in countries where they will both sell our eBooks and in many cases do a print version in their country. Very cool!

Did you know that for the first time in history, eBooks have taken the top spot in cover types for the adult market? Take a look at these numbers.

E-Books: $328.2 million (33% of the adult market)
            Paperback: $306.6 million (30% of the adult market)
            Hardcover: $226.5 million (22% of the adult market)

Even more, the eBook growth percentages in the adult market over the last three years’ first quarters were 23% in 2011, 28% in 2012, and 33% in 2013. Pretty impressive stats, huh?