Book Marketing: Which is better, Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter and Facebook are both great avenues for marketing your book, however they should be used for different reasons. Think of Twitter as a “live feed” with thousands of messages being added every second. Use Twitter to interact directly with your followers and send them a link to your author website, Amazon page, or any other website where your book is featured. Use the “@” to send these Tweets directly to the person(s) who you want to target. Then, strike up a back and forth conversation to really stay engaged. Twitter is GREAT for instant communication and feedback, so use this aspect to your advantage. I also suggest posting the links once or twice a day so it shows up in others’ feeds regularly.
For Facebook, I suggest creating an event to send out to your followers/friends notifying them about your book release. You can include all the information you’d like about your book, including your author website, Amazon page, press release, cover image, etc. Of course, posting about your book is worthwhile too. The advantage of creating an event is that you can control who you send it to, and know for sure they are receiving your information. With the new Facebook algorithms blocking a lot of posts from showing up on people’s newsfeeds, you run the risk of your posts possibly not making it to all of your follower’s feeds and thus, they won’t get the necessary information needed about your book.
All in the all, I find Twitter to be more conducive to promotion and marketing techniques. Plus, it’s easy to connect with people and get their feedback in a very timely manner.  Remember that using social media is an ongoing affair so keep up the postings with news, insights and links to related material.