Book Marketing: How do I get someone to click my links on Twitter?

Since Twitter is so fast-paced and very much a “live-stream,” sometimes your posts can get lost in a sea of Tweets. The key is to provide your followers with content that is going to grab their attention. Most people, when checking their Twitter feed, tend to simply scroll scroll scroll, glancing over the Tweets and only responding to the ones that catch their eye. Make yours catch their eye! These three tips were ensure that you are always one of those “eye-catching” tweets.

  1. DO NOT SPAM. This basically means do not, under any circumstances, post the same Tweet a zillion times one after the other. This will cause people to un-follow you and maybe even consider you to be a “fake” Twitter account. It’s not good to overload people with too many Tweets.
  2. Use Tiny URL or Bitly to shorten the link to your book or website. Long URLs are very unattractive to the eye, and social media really is all about things that are visually appearling. These websites are very easy to use. Just go to or and copy and paste the original URL you want to shorten. These websites will convert the URL into a shorter link for you.
  3. Use buzzwords, trending hashtags, and popular keywords to draw in your followers. Check the side panel on your Twitter homepage to see what is Trending that day. Find a way to apply these subjects to your Tweets, especially looking for a way to link to them to your book or genre. For example, is “summer reading” trending? Say something like “Need a suggestion for #SummerReading? Check out my book (title and URL here).”

Twitter is really about engagement. If you are actively engaging with your followers, then they are going to pay attention to your posts. Think about the kind of people who are following you, and create your posts in their favor. Post things you know they want to read. If there is a specific follower you think will particularly enjoy your book, send them a direct Tweet by using their @handle in your post. (i.e. “Hey @(Twitter handle here) have you read my book yet? I think you’ll love it!”

In all reality, though, just post your link and don’t worry about it…someone, at some point, WILL click it.