Book Marketing: How do I get my book to stand out on Amazon?

Amazon is arguably the most important site for book sales today. Among thousands upon thousands of books in the same genre, how do you get readers to pick yours?  Here are a three essential tips…

1.  Get Reviews
What do you do when shopping for a new car, or even a pair of running shoes?  I know I check and see what other consumers have to say.  Browsing for a book is no different, and the ones with a lot of reviews (and yes, preferably 5 star reviews) stand out.

So how do you get reviews? One strategy is so simple it’s often overlooked:  ask friends, family and colleagues who’ve ready your book to post a review!
Next, look for potential reviewers using Amazon’s Top Reviewer’s list (  Look for those who review books in your genre. You can also find potential reviewers by looking at your ‘competition’ and seeing who’s reviewed their book.  If you click on the reviewer’s name it will take you to their page and you will find their info.  Go ahead and email them to see if they would like to review your book.  There’s nothing to lose.

2. Use Keywords to Tag Your Book
Many shoppers browse Amazon by using a keyword search so make sure yours will show up.  On your book sales page, scroll down to the “Tags Customers Associate With This Product” area and add keywords that relate to your book and that people would use when searching for a book like yours.
Tags work for fiction and non-fiction alike.  “Civil War Historical Romance Novel”  or “Southern One Pot Easy Meals Cookbook” will help readers find your book.
3. Optimize your Author Page
Make sure your author page is full and complete.  Write a compelling bio.  List any awards you’ve won – awards, like reviews, inspire confidence. Have other books?  Make sure they are showing up.  Include links to your blog and recent tweets.  Add a video.  Let potential readers find out even more about you and your book. The more content the more credibility for you as an author and for your book.
All of these will help.  And the more you get readers to click on your book, the higher it will go in the search results, meaning it will be more easily found, and lead to more clicks – and hopefully purchases!