Month: January 2015

Top 20 Marketing Essentials

Marketing your book requires time and effort, but it is doable. While it is always best to try to do things on your own, sometimes we prefer to have the [...]

Advice From An Award-Winning Author: Sherrill S. Cannon on Winning Contests and Awards

  Winning contests and awards is a fun and rewarding way to amp up publicity for your book and enjoy the book sales that come along with it! Take advice [...]

Book Marketing: How do I stay focused when sales are low?

Believe in yourself and your writing and be happy and proud of your accomplishment thus far:  you are a writer with a published book and people are reading [...]

Using Facebook to Market Your Book

Social media, especially Facebook, is particularly valuable when it comes to marketing. There are many different ways to use it to market yourself as an author [...]

5 Easy and Effective Marketing Strategies for the Self-Published Author

This is one of the most common questions we get, especially from authors that are self-published and feel totally at a loss.  You’re a writer; what can you [...]

Your Social Media Marketing Plan

There are certain social media platforms you absolutely must have accounts for: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the three most important ones out there. [...]

Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Blogging is not just about writing down your thoughts and talking about your experiences — it's an easy and interactive way to really connect with others who [...]

Book Marketing: Does date of publication affect promotion?

It's a fair and an interesting question and it is true that some reviewers will only consider a new or recently published book. But for the most part I don't [...]

Book Marketing: What’s the best way to market for free?

It is indeed a problem many face.  Marketing is an expenditure of either money or time, or a combo of both, and there is really no way around that.  You need [...]