Month: December 2014

Book Marketing: What genres are easiest to promote?

That is an interesting question. It leads me to ask ‘what are the most popular genres’ as those books would probably be the easiest to market by virtue of [...]

Book Marketing: How much marketing do traditional mainstream publishers do for their authors?

We are not sure how much marketing traditional publishers do for their authors these days as there are so few of them left.  As you know, the traditional [...]

Book Marketing: How important is cover design?

That is a great question.  And while the old saying goes “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” in truth we all do, don’t we? Images are powerful [...]

Book Marketing: Why should I do an eBook?

EBooks are on the rise right now, and you definitely want to make sure you are part of this growing trend! Having an eBook allows you to offer your audience a [...]

Book Marketing: Which is better, Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter and Facebook are both great avenues for marketing your book, however they should be used for different reasons. Think of Twitter as a “live feed” [...]

Book Marketing: Will a bad review turn away readers?

A bad review is obviously not preferable but shouldn’t be too consequential as long as it’s balanced by positive reviews.  Of course you can’t control [...]

Book Fairs are becoming more popular, along with Writer Conferences and Expos.  There are two levels to this:  first, having your book represented at book [...]

Market Your Book with BUZZWORDS

Using powerful buzzwords such as the ones mentioned above is a great way to entice readers to engage with you in some way. Whether your goal is to get them to [...]