Month: March 2014

Google+ for Authors: How to Get Your Content Shared

Google+ is all about word of mouth. When someone shares your content, they are essentially standing proudly behind your work. In order to get people to share [...]

Not sure how to get someone to share your content? Listen up!

You have an author website, a Facebook, a blog, an Amazon page, and lots of press releases to show off to the world; but how do you get people to share all of [...]

Is Your Blog Worth Reading?

By now, you already know you can write. You've succeeded in self-publishing your book and have developed an audience, but to keep your audience, you must [...]

Think You’re Just an Author? Think again…

Embracing the title of “author” is not easy. There are many other tasks that go along with the job; one of the biggest of them is promoting your own work. [...]

The Importance of 5 Star Reviews at Amazon and to a lesser degree, Barnes & Noble

As the publisher, we want our author to succeed. One of the most important things that we can all do is to get a copy of the book and then write a 5 star [...]

Improve & Maximize Facebook Results

Maximizing your Facebook reach involves some careful planning and consideration regarding your posts. Think about what you’re saying and who you’re [...]

Free & Fast Ways to Enhance Your Amazon Page

Amazon is the first place that most people go to find anything, especially books. Not only is Amazon a selling mechanism, but it is also a great opportunity [...]

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Get Ahead

You can utilize social media platforms to get yourself on the radar of the most powerful people in book marketing and publishing: company founders and CEOs, [...]

How Authors Can Get A Celebrity (or Influencer) Endorsement Using Social Media

Let me share with you how a simple Tweet got me noticed by one of the most well-known chefs in America… As a food blogger, one of the most exciting things [...]