Month: December 2013

The Writers Union of Canada is asking members if Self-Publishing authors should be accepted…. hahahahahahaha!

Robert's Summary: Who cares what dinosaurs vote on? These " guilds" are so mired in the past that it is laughable that they think they matter. They are [...]

Blogger Lands Publishing Contract from Instagram Picture Posting

Robert's Summary: Does anyone doubt the use of new media these days? Jessica Shyba, the blogger behind Momma's Gone City, has landed a two-book deal with [...]

What is the evolution of a Rights Agent, or Literary Agent? How are we doing?

Digital Book World is a GREAT newsletter: 4210 &rid=240997522 Here is an [...]

D*mn Typo.. NORTH Carolina! Sigh… where is my editor on a Saturday morning?!!

Everyone needs an editor. ~ Tim Foote The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as the difference between lightning and the [...]

Censorship in Norht Carolina USA versus China:

GalleyCat is a great newsletter. Here is an article about book censorship being alive and well in the USA. [...]

A quarter of top 100 Kindle books are now written by self-published ‘indie’ authors

This is a great motivator! Our ebook team has made over 1000 Kindle ebooks ( and we are seeing a nice sales increase every quarter. Robert [...]

FW: Google Predicts 10 Billion mobile subscribers that will use their phones for 2/3 of all online commerce. Is your Digital Footprint Mobile Ready?

Robert's Take Home: Have you called up your website on your smartphone? Do it. See what you learn. (If it isn't mobile ready, you will know it right away [...]

Getting Books into Bookstores; Great Resources / Techniques / Suggestions / Local Author Book Routes

Executive Summary: This is a wonderful article with a large number of links and articles. Here is one quote from the article. [...]

Indie Bookstores: How Authors Can Approach them.

Give Thanks for Independent Bookstores and give them your Support: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]