Month: March 2013

5 Reasons Why Videos Can Help Your Book Get Tons of Exposure…

Videos are definitely in vogue. They have been popular for some time but now far more people are using them in tandem with, or as a replacement to, text-based [...]

Just How “Googable” Are You?

The original article can be found here. In the relatively recent dawn of social media, non-traditionally published authors have more access to information on [...]

Search Engine Optimization For Authors

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, deals with methods to make your website and blogs are search engine friendly. These are simply the guidelines that search [...]

Is Your Author Website Doing It’s Job?

It is now a given that every author, young or old, published or aspiring, should have an author website. But it is also true that all authors are not technical [...]

Can you pitch your book in 140 characters or less?

Twitter is a mainstream social media tool, which I am sure you already know. The idea of creating and sharing a message in 140 characters or less is both [...]