10 Must Dos for Authors on Pinterest

Authors, have you discovered the world of Pinterest yet? We want to help you master this useful social media tool. Pinterest is all about visual stimulation. It stems from the concept of an inspiration board, filled with pictures of things that you find interesting, exciting, and thought-provoking — things you want to share with others. Pinterest is a fun and unique way of targeting your audience to promote your book. Instead of plain text on a website, you will be using photos (i.e., images of your book cover or of yourself with your book) to bring your book to life.

1. Create an appealing header that includes your name, an eye-catching photo, and a short, informative description of yourself. You can also include one website, so choose the most practical one. Your author website would be best. You can also choose your username, which will also be your Pinterest URL. Using your full name makes it easy for users to find you.

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2. Connect your social media accounts. By doing this, Pinterest will find your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. who are also on Pinterest and give you the option to follow them. This will allow also you to share the things you find on Pinterest directly onto your social media accounts. Cross-referencing among social media is a good way to let people know about your other accounts.

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3. Make sure your Search Privacy is turned off so search engines such as Google and Yahoo will show your pins in search results. Also, if you choose, Pinterest will personalize your experience by recommend related pins based on your activity and other websites you have visited.

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4. Adjust your e-mail notifications. Choose to receive notifications when someone pins, likes or comments on one of your pins, follows one of your boards, or invites you to join a group board. You can also receive notifications on things Pinterest thinks you may like or find inspiring, announcements and updates and invitations to give your feedback.

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5. Explore many different categories of pins and boards to find the things you love. You can search through the most popular boards, or choose a specific topic to look through.

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6. Create boards for different categories of things you plan to pin. You can create a board with your book title’s name and pin images of the front and back cover, inside pictures if applicable, and other photos that are relevant to the book.

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7. Install the “Pin It” button to your bookmark toolbar. Now, anytime you are surfing the web and see something you want to add to one of your Pinterest boards, all you have to do is click “Pin it.”

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8. Build a widget for your author website. You can customize your own Pinterest button to add to your website or blog. This will give users the option to pin images such as your book cover from your site right onto their own Pinterest board.

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9. Create a Place board focused on a specific location. You can add a map to your board to show users where you are when you pin an image. This is good for times when you are traveling to a book fair or participating in an event and want to tell your fans where you are and what you’re doing.

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10. Now start pinning! Upload images directly from your computer, or type in a website and any pinnable images will show up from you to choose from. This is your chance to give your audience a peak into your personality so have fun! Connect with us on Pinterest and check out all of our boards. You can repine our images onto your own boards too!




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