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Are your book sales what you deserve? Do you want better?

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You have invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars in your book and your writing career. Are you enjoying all of the success that you deserve?

Now is the time to reach your goals and experience the beautiful feeling of increasing your book sales.

AMI offers a host of book marketing services and effective book marketing ideas for you. To show you our strengths, we are willing to do a free, custom evaluation of your existing marketing strengths and weaknesses. Start your Digital Footprint Evaluation now!

An author website is every author’s most important ‘must have’. Our sites are mobile-ready, feature custom artwork, and are Search Engine Optimized.
A good review is a seal of approval that sells copies, and when printed in a respected journal can also get your book ordered by libraries and educational institutions.
Our video book trailers are ‘coming attractions’ that visually pitch your book to buyers. And let’s face it: everyone online loves to watch videos.
Your book’s been released but does anyone know? A professional press release distributed via wire service is the way to spread the news.
Would you like to do book events? Be interviewed in the newspaper? Our publicist will reach out, one on one, to organizations and media and book you appearances.
Want your book reviewed on a talk show by on air hosts? Then check out our version of The Today Show – READ THIS! The Book Review Show.
Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads… Social Media has become a major book marketing tool. We can help you use it to maximum effect, whether you are techno-phobic or tech-savvy.
Is your unique author’s voice being heard? Doing a 30 minute radio interview will literally broadcast you to your target audience.
Book Signings are a great way to connect with your audience and sell copies, but they can be hard to set up. Let our Publicist make it happen.
Ever wish you had an extra pair of hands? Or more hours in the day? Maybe you need a Virtual Assistant, available by the hour, to help you out.
Make your book event professional by handing out printed materials. A bookmark with your book’s info on it will lead to sales.
Let your book stand out from the crowd by putting it in a display stand. Treat it like the bestseller it will become!
Everyone loves a winner! Contests are a fun way to get recognition and exposure for your work and are easy to enter. You can enter contests for free, or we can help you.
What is the right combination of services? Our Book Marketing packages give you the ‘marketing essentials’ to boost sales on an existing book, launch a new release or announce an upcoming.

Are you a writer rather than a marketer? Learn how to be BOTH via our library of low-cost, do-it-yourselfer marketing webinars that will teach you how to sell your book. Pick from any of our archived webinars below:

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100% Live. 100% Interactive. Ask Questions from Experts!

“The press release your company did was wonderful. It let the whole world know about my book. Thank you!”
Author Sherrill S. Cannon
“My website is beautiful! And you made it in just 2 days! I can’t believe it.”
Author Peters Wallace
“(My book video trailer) is truly beautiful. I would want to buy the book if I had viewed that video. Thank you very much.”
Author Joy Bloumis
“I was shocked to wake up this morning to my press release, you are amazing with the work you do. Thanks for everything, the draft of the Press Release was awesome, I’m in love with it.”
Author Liam Mosier
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